Whereas, the city of Compton, California, does not have an Art Gallery, frame shop, Cultural Center, Aaron Brother's or Michaelís Arts & Crafts retailer in the entire City, the Hub Heritage Culture and Art Gallery will be a vital and crucial cultural crossroad in the City of Compton. It will give life and vitality to the arts as well as provide Compton with services and activities that are not available in the entire City. The proposed project will provide alternatives to gang and drug activity, support local artists, provide framing & matting services and share positive perspectives through visual arts, spoken word and music. The HHCAG will become one of Compton's most vital and important community cultural resource. Letís work together to maintain our hopes and exspectation for all parties concerned. Stand for Art 4 All.

Hub Heritage, Culture and Art Gallery Partnership
The Hub Heritage, Culture & Art Gallery (HHCAG) is a cultural project administered by RAY's Recycler, Inc. The paramount purpose of this proposed art project is to enrich the City of Compton with an art program that unite the community and provides a wide variety of community art services. These services and activities will include, but not be limited to:

* A Public Culture and Art Center * An Anti-Graffiti Mural Program * Art Classes and Cultural Exhibits * A Community Arts Newsletter * Technical & Financial Assistance for Artists * An Art Registry for Community Artists.

Hub Gallery-The Center of Heritage Cullture and Art. Contact us at (424)232-3620 or at hubgallery@yahoo.com